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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Tebow may belong in the NFL as a career Jamarcus Russell unless Russell suddenly got aim

but I don't think he can be a starting QB in the NFL with such poor is just far too important in today's game

and yes I am aware of what he did in Denver but that was a special situation and Denver's D was a huge part of that team's success...they couldn't keep that up for an entire career there is no way...and that is EXACTLY how they saw it as well, which is why they ran out and got Peyton

I understand his accuracy is poor but I've never seen a situation before where a rookie(1st yr) starting QB selected in the 1st round had decent success and led his team to a postseason win with that player getting traded in the offseason.. For example look at Tannehill, he had a very subpar rookie season but people are convinced that's he's going to be a very good player(I think this as well). Show someone the stats of Tebow his rookie season compared to some other notable players like Eli, Tannehill, Smith, etc, without showing their names and they'd probably think Tebow is the best of them all..

I want to see what he does in a wildcat offense similar to the RG3 system. I understand Denver did alot of option, read option type of plays with Tebow but it seems strange that no one is even considering in that type of offense..

As for his accuracy we don't know if he's gotten any better because we haven't seen him play since Denver. It's clear that he wasn't getting a shot in NY after Sanchez dropped the soap by week 6 and their clear intent on using him as a punt protector..

I just want him to get a fair shot..
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