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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by Maniak
The year is 2020 and the Sacramento Kings have finally won an NBA championship.

Anthony Davis was the FMVP.

The only good players on the team were

C - Andre Drummond
PF - Anthony Davis
SF - Paul George
SG - Tyreke Evans
PG - Brandon Jennings

- Paul George was a 2x MVP and averaged a near triple double in one season
- George holds the assists record for kings with 23 in a game.
- For playoffs records for the Kings, Anthony Davis had 45pts in a game (17 FGM in another), Drummond had 30 rebounds in a game, Jennings had 17 assists in a game, 7 steals in another, and George had 9 TO's in a game.
- Kings had a 75-7 record one season (2018-19)

Kings have 13 division titles, 36 playoff appearances, 3 conference championships, and 2 nba championships in their history as of now.

Past champions since i began simulating:
12-13: Heat over lakers
13-14: Heat over thunder
14-15: Heat over nuggets
15-16: Heat over kings (sad)
16-17: Thunder over heat
17-18: Nuggets over Raptors
18-19: Heat over Thunder
19-20: Kings over Pistons (happy)

LeBron never left Miami and always won FMVP when they won.

You played all the games?
Cause I wonder how did you got 30 rebs in a game
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