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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY TEAM MODE' Discussion

Went on to buy McGee and sold a bronze legend I got from gold packs.

PG: Bobby Jackson/CJ Watson
SG: T-Ross/Marshon Brooks/Neal
SF: Gerald Green/M. Brooks
PF: T-Rob/Rashard
C: McGee/Kwame/Steimsma

I'm sure I forgot some other players but whatever.

I'm 1-2 in the 7th seed. I lost the first two games. All 3 games are vs All-Star teams. Forgot what the first team looked like but 2nd team had Tim Hardaway, Shaq, Divac, and Hersey Hawkins. The one team that I beat had Magic, Dell Curry, Anthony Davis, and Larry Nance. Dude took the same amount of 3s with Magic and Curry He didn't know what he was doing. Beat him by 10.
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