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Default Archie Goodwin draft profile

Goodwin’s strengths are his size, length, foot speed, and athletic ability. Archie is very fast with the ball in his hands and can put a lot of pressure on defenders in transition. He also can finish strongly at the rim, has excellent leaping ability and first-step quickness, and outstanding body control through contact.

Goodwin’s main weaknesses are his perimeter jump shot, left hand, and understanding of the game. His shooting form is incorrect for starters. He repositions the ball and releases slightly sideways. On perimeter jump shots, he never seems to jump straight up, always sideways or off-balance, and rarely lands in the same spot he starts from. He also shoots the ball at a flat trajectory, often leaving it short.

Goodwin has a lot of things broken in his jumper. It’s not as bad as Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, but it’s pretty broken for a guard. It will take time to fix all these things, but the big chunks can be addressed pretty quickly, like shooting off-balance and the flat trajectory.

-- Atlanta Hawks official blog
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