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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Okafor isn't happening. I will be all the money I find in my pockets that Okafor won't come to UNC.

Unfortunately, it really sounds like he and Tyus Jones are an actual package deal (which is rare amongst top recruits) and duke is the leader. I pray they end up at Michigan State if that's true. Or even better, split them up.

Winslow wasn't going to happen either. He isn't much of a fit anyway after Jackson committed. Winslow is a sure w/f in college and UNC needed a 2 guard. Pinson is pretty close to a w/f as well, but at least he has some 2 guard skills. And the 2 and 3 are pretty much interchangeable in Roy's system so it's based on who you can guard, and Pinson might be the best defensive wing in high school now that Wiggins graduated.

Conflicting reports on Vaughn. Some connected say he's still in play, while others say it has become increasingly doubtful after he almost committed during the duke game visit. PT wise speaking, UNC has enough PT for another elite wing recruit since we would only have 3 wings on the roster that season, as the current roster stands, and assuming PJ goes pro after this upcoming season.

However, Roy recently told a recruit (Ahmed Hill) that he wants two more wings in the class. ..Now one more with Pinson committing since.. So right now it's between Rashad Vaughn, Devin Booker, D'Angelo Russell, and possibly Ahmed Hill. Trevor Lacey, the Bama transfer, very likely won't happen. We can't even get the kid on campus.

...Or it might be someone else on the circuit that hasn't emerged yet, since a few times in the last couple classes UNC has missed on all of their top targets and had to settle. Settling (terrible word choice, I know) for Brice Johnson and Joel James, for example, after missing on TJ Warren, Mitch McGary, Alex Murphy, Cameron Ridley, Kaleb Tarczewski, and Adam Woodbury. Yep, every single one of them... Roy made the mistake of putting on his eggs on Ridley's basket and then it trickled down. That's why in this 2014 class, he has used the shot gun approach on the wings with offers to the guys I mentioned above. Thus far, it has worked.

As an MSU fan, I have been silently hoping they becoming Spartans. However, I heard the same thing about Wiggins/Rathan-Mayes a year ago, but that talk gradually died down. I think once the visits start and the coaches have more access to players, then we will see how the dust will settle. I think it's too early to have any idea of where Okafor will go for sure.

As for Vaughn, everyone and their mama is after this guy, so it will take him a while for him to narrow down the choices. I don't see him under 5 choices until the season starts. A lot can change by then.
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