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Yeah, that's kinda what I figured, they don't really have the goods to give up. Didn't know they were in the running to get Magloire though. Decent player. Don't really think he's that big of an upgrade over Haywood. And aren't they essentially the same player, Magloire being slightly better offensively?
All Haywood can do is block shots. He is a terrible rebounder, maybe the worst rebounding defensive specialist ever. Wood has no offense, won't rebound, Magloire has a good offensive post game and can rebound... however he can't really block shots. That's why I'd like to have both players in a rotation. For balance. Throw the other team's strategy a little. they're actually pretty different players.

Ethan is pretty solid isn't he when healthy?
He's one of my favorite players, but if EJ isn't going to play him, I'd rather he went somewhere where his abilities and heart are recognized, and I can't think of a better place for that than a team run by Larry Bird. Bird gave Croshere that big extension because he played hard in the playoffs. Nobody plays harder than Etan.

Blatche/Jamison/Thomas is too much? I think the Pacers would reject that right away. Getting Jamison would be a lateral move at best, and Blatche and Thomas bring what exactly to the table? The Pacers already have a project forward (Shawne Williams), so I can't see Blatche being someone of interest to them. This deal would not even offer cap relief.
Actually the deal would offer cap relief because Jamison expires the season after next. The main thing here is that Bird really wants to just dump Jermaine and start over. Jamison would give them a vet leader for a season and a half. Blatche is a really talented forward, yeah I know they have Shawne, but whatever. Bird shouldn't trade JO at all, but if he does, this is certainly a decent offer I think. They can have some draft picks too; it's not like we know how to use them.

He doesn't solve any of their immediate needs, but I don't think any player availiable to them at #18 would have done that.
I can. Mardy Collins and Marcus Williams are both big pure PGs that would allow Gil to play the 2 and give us more speed and intelligence on the court.

The Pacers aren't going to trade JO.

They took on Daniels' big contract, instead of letting Croshere's deal expire.

If they were to get rid of O'Neal, they would do it in a way that gets them under the salary cap.
Good point, I agree they probably won't and shouldn't, but there have been talks that he's getting traded. Who knows why.
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