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Originally Posted by wang4three
Dallas can play whatever way they want, I thought that much was evident in the playoffs. They went from playing slow and grind out with San Antonio, to beating Pheonix at their own fast pace running game. Kenyon can thrive if he's not asked to be an option on offense. The thing about Denver, and why it went wrong, is that most of those players are playing for themselves instead of a team system.

Maybe before George Karl arrived I would agree with you,but after I feel it changed for everyone but KMart. It may be a different situation in Dallas, because I think players have a lot of respect for Avery, but the problem with Kenyon is he wants to be an option on offense, he wouldn't be in Dallas.

Granted Dallas was able to play different styles during the playoffs, but at their core they are not that type of team to consistently push the ball up the court. Dallas needs low post scoring and I don't feel KMart is really that guy, and he is nowhere near being adequate at any other position
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