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This roster is still CHOCK full of deficiences. Actually, the two worst deficiences of the 2004 Olympic squad are AGAIN present in the 2006-2008 roster. It really blows my mind how badly it turned out.

Lack of true point guards
The 04 team was plagued with Marbury and Wade running the point, which evidently was a complete disaster. Neither of them understand how to run team offenses at the level of an international competition.

The problem is yet again repeated now. Arenas and Wade are still shoot first point guards, not the best passers or decision makers. Billups would have been our surest bet, as he is perfect for the international game, but he dropped out of the 06 Worlds due to his marriage. Paul would be fine if he weren't so young; I don't trust a first year player to run this team. Ridnour might be fine in 08, but again, far too young and inexperienced to be our point guard.

Lack of Shooters
In 04, SHAWN MARION was our 3 point shooter, which obviously isn't saying very much. When the 06-08 roster was first announced, we had Rashard Lewis/Michael Redd/Chauncey Billups as our pure shooters. Then, Redd and Billups were excused from the 06 worlds due to personal reasons, and Rashard Lewis chicked out like a little yellow whore. That leaves us with 0 big time pure shooters. Basically, Joe Johnson is our only decently pure shooter. I don't even want to THINK about JJ Redick making the final squad, that would be a disaster. If battier is able to make the final roster, that would help, but it is unlikely.
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