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I bet it plays exactly like 2K13, which is a shame. I thought 2K12 was as good as 2K11, but then 2K13 played less like a basketball game and more like a pick up game. Something I did like about 2K13 was the amount of historic teams. They need to bring back the proficiencies and historic mode from 2K12 (is this Path to Greatness?), and the draft combine and D-League from 2K11. The CPU (both teammate and opposition) has needed an overhaul for a while, not just a tweak because at times your team is stupid and the opposition are the Monstars. Some things I want them to add are:

-Circumstances having a bigger effect on trades and free agency
-Multi team trades being viable
-Ability to put your own face in the game on your player
-Deeper Association: I want to be able to rename or relocate my franchise if its unpopular. I want to be able to host fan events etc.
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