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Originally Posted by BankShot
I'd also like to finances be a bigger part of the Association this time around outside of a simple salary cap.

Big vs. Small market, superstar-related income, varying free agency exceptions per the new CBA, sign-and-trades, more in-depth input from players regarding upcoming free agency.

Stuff like that.

Exactly. I want to be immersed in Association mode. Maybe your superstar has a list of players he'd like me to trade for or sign. The luxury tax needs to be a factor. If you're over the cap in 2K13 it doesn't matter. IRL teams try to avoid being too deep into the luxury tax. Ticket and merchandise sales would be good. 2K should look at the FIFA management mode, or the Football Manager series. I know all of what I've said are major additions but sometimes little things make a difference too. For example the ability to retire a jersey would be nice.
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