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Default Re: I love high quality pick up games!!

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Where's the help D?!

I'm kidding. Even with good ball players, proper pick & rolls in pickup games can create a lot of problems. The biggest hurdle I tend to have is getting all defenders on the same page. Some guys like trapping a screen attempt, some just heavily hedge, some try to fight through everything and some just stand in no-mans land.

I've found it's usually easiest to switch everything. Even when switching creates mismatches, they don't seem to be exposed as frequently as one would believe. In fact, often the recognition that a player has a mismatch sometimes throws things for a loop, because they try to force their advantage instead of letting the game come to them.

But yes, on topic, good pick up games are good.

If the help D comes, that's why I create an open lay-up. Almost nobody on the planet helps the helper in pick-up ball.

It sounds arrogant, but when people set screens for me in full-throttle pick-up, I never lose.

And yes, switching everything is by far the best strategy in pick-up for the exact reasons you mentioned. It avoids confusion, and it's difficult for people to exploit mismatches correctly in pick-up ball consistently.
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