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Maybe the Sixers can use Corey Maggette, just in case they lose their scoring if Allen Iverson is traded. If Iverson is traded, the Sixers should trade Andre Idoudala and Kyle Korver to the Clippers for Corey Maggette and Daniel Ewing. Trade Chris Webber to a team in absolute desperate need for a big man for a draft pick to free up cap space. Use that draft pick on someone nice. I'd keep Allen Iverson if I was the Sixers and trade for Corey Maggette. Draft Sheldon Williams.

C- Sam Dalembert - Steven Hunter
F- Sheldon Williams - Shavilik Randolph
F- Corey Maggette - Matt Barnes
G- John Salmons - Willie Green - Daniel Ewing
G- Allen Iverson - Kevin Ollie

C- Chris Kaman - Sofoklis Schortsanitis(Clippers will finally bring him over)
F- Elton Brand - Radmanovic
F- Andre Igoudala - Kyle Korver - James Singleton
G- Cuttino Mobley - Quinton Ross
G- Shaun Livingston - Sam Cassell

I hope this gets done. I know it's somewhat lopsided going the Clippers way, but when you think of it, When Andre Igoudala asks for a high long term contract(I'm guessing 6 years/50-60 million dollars), when Maggette is already in a bargin contract with 3 years left in it. Maggette gives Iverson an explosive 20 point scorer.
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