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Originally Posted by dd24
I think you could switch Maxiell's name with anyone off the bench though. He isn't good enough to be a starter on a championship level team but the Pistons do need to have someone step up and play that unsung hero role from the bench every game. So whether it's Murray, Delfino, Maxiell, etc etc, bench play is huge at this point in the playoffs. This is the reason that Detroit lost last year. Look at the year Detroit won it all. Their bench was loaded. I hated to see Okur go but we all knew he was a very good big man and deserved a starting role somewhere. Mike James was also someone with enough talent to start in the league so he had to go elsewhere as well. As long as Chris holds his own (not turning the ball over and playing defense mainly) and we have consistent bench play we can take this series. The person who really needs to step up more than anything is Tashaun at this point. The main reason the last game was so close is because he wasn't playing well.

I agree! Jason is or did play like a mad-man in Detroit against Cleveland. His strengths are what the Pistons need to win this series. He does not have what it takes to start, but he could really play the power forward with Sheed in the center spot.
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