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i dont like K-Mart, we dont need another injury prone player

That's a good point. I had not thought of that.

i still would rather have Al Harrington over both of them..i dont think he'll sign with Golden State, Harrington was saying that he wants to be in a winning environment, i dont see that in Golden State, theres a better chance Indy will have that winning environment over Golden State

Harrington would be all right, but I see him playing a role very similar to Granger. He would also probably take playing time from Granger. Al is a little on the small side for a power forward, and I would rather see us get a big guy who can rebound and defend well.

The MLE is the mid level exception. It's the maximum contract teams over the salary cap can offer to free agents they are pursuing. I believe it's something between 4 and 5 million dollars this offseason.
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