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Originally Posted by HalphbreedBaller
he is only good for us if we can sign him for anything less than 5 mill....after that let him go someone who might need a good scorer off the bech....he should be happy for the opportunity to play as many games/minutes that he got with the raps...but if its money he wants he's not getting it from us unless its a sign and trade...and if that happens I would like to see chris wilcox....Big time....he would ad rebouding and block shots and he quick and runs the floor well...
alote of people are talking about Joel the 7'1" Centre from Portland but if u ask me he is one dementional...7.5 RB 2.3 BLK 6 points per game he is also one of the worst free throw shooters in the NBA...and slower than wilcox...

if u look at wilcoxes game he does everthing better except block shots!!!

Stro Swift is a bum. If we were to S+T mj to houston, I would do my absolute best to get luther head.
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