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Default Top 10 Current NBA Coaches (and Larry Brown)

1. Pop (no doubt, who do you think Avery learned from, Don Nelson LOL)
2. Pat Riley (I would put Avery in front of him except Pat has way more credentials, and I thouht Pat did a better coaching job in the Finals)
3. Avery (Avery Avery, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can.)
4. Larry Brown (great career, takes bad teams and makes them better, he's done this everywhere he's been except for... well you know where)
5. Phil Jackson (He should probably be higher but I wanted to put him even lower than this, I can't stand the guy, he has players like MJ and Pippen, then Shaq and Kobe, and instead of giving them the credit he uses their talents to make a name for himself, in my opinion he can't coach a paper sack)
6. Mike D (He does a great job of what Larry Brown didn't do this year, adapting his style to the talents of his players. i.e. losing Amare and still going as far as they did.)
7. Rick Carslile (I wish I knew how to spell his name, coaches alot like Brown except gives more freedom on the offensive end.)
8. Jerry Sloan (takes horrible teams and makes them average, average teams good, and good teams great.)
9. Byron Scott (Doing the same thing he did in NJ in NO, really a great coach)
10. Isiah Thomas (For his sake he better be on this list or he's getting the boot)
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