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Default Re: KOBE or LBJ

Originally Posted by sammdogg
i would honestly say they are equal.... its hard to compare, kobe is a better scorer, lebron can pass and rebound better. its a toss up IMO

(keep in mind. last season)

heres my take.
L.O.>than any cav player. lets say Hughes.(im a laker fan. btw)
then theres lakers
such as Kwame,Bynum,Luke,smush
Compared to Varejao, Gooden, Ilguaskas,pavlovic
Thats pretty close...imo or give that edge to Cleveland actually
Then you got Mo,Turiaf, Farmar,sasha
compared to
cleveland wins that one

the only diffrence is that lakers are a young team. I think when lakers are healthy and have confidense. I think thier team is so much better. It becomes so diffrent.Lamar playing at that other level just puts them on another level. When kwame is balling and luke...thats when it gets good.
so i say that the teams are pretty close only because players on clevelands team arent really playing to thier potential. I mean all thier players have been huge parts on other teams. Like hughes,jones.Ilguasjas( former all star) Marshall, snow, etc. Lakers just have young guys who become a lot better feeding off the fans and energy and confidense
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