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Default Green and trade rumors

There have been lots of talks about Green and Iverson trade rumors and I am totaly ageinst that. I think that if iverson is not out of his prime this year he will be in the next 1 to 2 years. I know that Green is something special and will help them win a championship in the future. Anyone how thinks iverson is gooding to help us win a championship with him being a sinificant contributer is just crazy. Iverson and PP would be fun to watch but is that really going to win them a championship.
I've heard sports writers say that Iverson would put the celtics on the map and my respones to that is do the celtics fans really care about "the map" and what does that even mean. Its not like are statium is emtty. We have decent attendince and Boston is a town the really cares about there teams.
I would love to see the celtics pick up a big name but we should not have to trade are best prospect for a another high scoreing 2 guard. We already have a great 2 gaurd in PP. It would be different if it was for somthing we really need like a big men like Jerman O'neal(not sure about the spelling) or another good big man.
do not trade green
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