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Originally Posted by sammdogg
didnt lebron score 29 out of his teams final 30 points in game 5? in two OT? dont talk about a greater hunger to win. A greater hunger to win would have been keeping shaq at all costs. but the hunger to win wasnt enough to keep shaq. Kobe is a great player but to say his 'hunger' to win is greater than LeBrons is just bs.

You know its funny. The series is tied 2-2 and LeBron scores 48 to lead them to a 3-2 lead (and eventually the series win). He scores 29 of his teams final 30 points. All the sudden, its one of the greatest performances ever in playoff history. You can't pick up a newspaper without seeing an article about it. And rightly so.

A year ago on the day, Dirk Knowitzki was headed into game 5 against Phoenix. He dropped 50 in regulation (48 mins) to lead the Mavs to a 3-2 series lead (and eventually the series win). He scored 22 in the 4th quarter alone. Yet its just chalked up as a great playoff performance and thats it. Funny how the media likes to play up certain players but not others.

My point? LeBron's outing was great. But it wasn't that unique. Generally speaking, its nothing we haven't seen before.
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