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Default ISH NBA 2k7 Draft League(XBOX 360)

I know a lot of guys here love ball and play 2k7. I want to start an 2k7 league that would be a draft league. I think we could do a custum schedule and complete a season if we are selective with who we let enter. If there is any1 who wants to get in leave your XBOX Live gamer tag and team.

Mine is: younggrease42-Lakers

Also if any1 has any ideas on how to go about doing this such as # of teams, and type of schedule be sure to chime in.

So far:

1.younggrease42(IGOTGAME) - Lakers
2.Havok702 (Raging Bull33)- Celtics
3.Nowitzki41MFFL- Mavericks
5.Soulmatic- Bobcats
6.Willaneous(final wrath) - Pistons
7. Flexo 12- Knicks
8. donutking420 (Screwston Rockets)- Rockets
9.Jeppetoo(FireMcFail) - T-Wolves
10. Drin335(ALBBaller)-

Cannonball3(Cannonball)- Cavs

PASSWORD = younggrease42

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