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you know i am always amazed by the animosity of spurs fans, I feel that the mavs have been dominated by them for the last decade, and that the mavs have been more than willing to admit that the spurs were the better team. Avery has even pointed to the spurs as a model for the mavs; however, one "upset" and the spurs fans are up in arms. Yes the mavs won that series on a last second foul, and obvious call. Yes the no call on duncan was suspect, but you can't say it was a gift. The mav's dominated the first series. They dominated the first half of the spurs series then lost several very close games only to win the final close game. Duncan was amazing and there was nothing we could do to stop him. The suns played incredibly, but almost no one chose them before the series to beat the mavs. With the suns style and two long series before, it was only a question of when, not if the mavs would win. Then the Mavs provided the NBA with the worst choke story in NBA finals history. The end was disappointing, but the journey, while unexpected, was well earned.

And may i point out one fact for you pissed off spurs fans? Yes the mavs dominated the free throw stat, but they also won in rebounds, and steals, and turnovers. This tells me that the mavs were playing with hustle and desperation, while the spurs were playing their textbook game. The mavs were driving to the hoop because that was where they had the advantage, while the spurs took open jump shots and had duncan pound it inside. Tell me how many free throws dirk took and how many duncan took. If you add up the entire series, they each took 90 free throws... funny, i thought there was no way someone could shoot as many free throws as dirk did in that series, well not unless that got help from the refs.....
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