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Originally Posted by GOBB
Twice? Again was Melo present? The cop pulled over a car. The guy gets caught with weed. Upon routine traffic stop procedues checkin liscense and registeration he notices the car belongs to Carmelo Anthony.

You ask to borrow my car. I loan it to you for the day. You get pulled over for speeding. Your fault. You get caught boning a female in the backseat? Your fault. You get into a serious car accident because you were drunk? Your fault. Only thing about me in this equation is MY CAR that is in MY NAME.
But youre also held responsible of what goes into YOUR car in this case which is pot. It's obvious Melo hangs with a bad gang just look at his DVD. It's his own fault that he gets a bad cloud above him cause his gang banger home boys can't stay clean and they get caught using his rides in the process. this is why melo will always have a bad rep in the NBA and why many people dont like him.

Again, you've got to draw the line of who you hang out with and if your lending your car to someone, know that if they get in trouble your name is left out of it.
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