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Originally Posted by BlackVVaves
I'd take them over Billups, only because they are "purer" PGs than Billups. How many times has Billups gotten 10-15+ assists? Now, how many times have PGS 1-3 gotten a ridiculous number of assists? And, I'd take the last Paul, Hinrich, and MAYBE TJ Ford, because they are younger, and will be better point guards than Billups.

Yea, but we aren't talking about the future, we are talking about the top five point guards right now. Obviously Kidd and Nash are better PG's, and even though i don't think Al is a true pg, when he does play the position, i'd say that he's better than Chauncey. Ya missed one with Gil, and he's like Iverson, maybe more of a true pg, so he's be above billups too. That's the top four pg's in the league, and wow, i just talked myself out of the argument i was defending. Haha, forgot about Tony Parker. I'd take him over Billups as well. Still though, the arguments for Paul, Hinrich, and especially ford are ridiculous becasue it's all based on potential. Of course I'd take them over chauncey in the long run (with the exception of ford), but in the here and now, Billups is better.

So in the end my list is

1. Nash
2. Kidd
3. Iverson
4. Arenas
5. Parker
6. Billups
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