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Default Re: Potential Kobe deals?

Originally Posted by Clutch_City
Why not? Happens many times, JR Smith for example.

What if we do lose Head, Bonzi, Battier? Whats your point? Some teams are dying to get the dude, while giving up most of their core of players. Dallas could/might offer Dirk for him straight up. Thats what you call valuable. You are right, though, are bench would be completely silent and dead. I kinda look at it this way.

PG - Rafer Alston/Mike James(We can and probably will get him, if not, we can get the Franchise back if he gets bought out)
SG - Kobe Bryant/Kirk Snyder
SF - Tracy McGrady/Kirk Snyder
PF - Chuck Hayes/Juwan Howard
C - Yao Ming/Dikembe Mutombo/Jake Tsakilidis

I dont like the idea of bringing Mike James back at all, his contract is huge and IMO he aint worth more than 1-2 mil a year. Hes already 31 and I dont see how many more years he can really contribute to a team.

Rockets should try to pursue Mo Williams or Charlie Bell instead of Mike James.
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