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Default Re: ISH NBA 2k7 Draft League(XBOX 360)

I'm thinking about saying yes, but I'm a bit busy these days. Do you have any idea when the games would be played, and how many days in between games?

As you know, the league I started many months ago was a disaster. It's not easy for these leagues to work right, and it requires everybody being on the same page as far as when games would be played. I don't remember who was reliable and who punked out - Younggrease, you were one of the reliable guys I hope??

It's probably best to do flex schedule. And a word to those who have already signed up - please back out right now if you don't intend to play every single game. It completely kills the atmosphere if you look at the standings and it's all dead teams. You want to pull off trades but nobody is controlling the other teams.

It's much better to have a 5 team league with 5 active and competivie managers than it is to have those same 5 guys in a 10 team league full of losers.
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