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Default How would you feel about Magloire and Simmons for Stackhouse and Dampier?

you guys shore up the middleand get a great offensive rebounding C who plays good D in Dampier. You also get Stackhouse who while no longer close to prime, is tough as nails, gets to the line and is a big time leader (seriously) in the Dallas locker room. On top of that, you still get an expiring contract to make up for Magloire.

BTW I'm a big Damp fan. Other Mavs fans piss and moan about him but they really dont get how much he helps just b/c of his excellent spacing and rebounding. He is great at clogging the middle as well. Plus he plays Shaq fairly well and its possible you guys will play Miami in the playoffs.

I only propose this b/c its very clear that Diop is the future at C for Dallas. He is about to get a HUGE payday not to mention that Josh Howard and Dirk will soon get big extensions. Siommons would also fill a huge need in Dallas with his 3 point shooting, something you guys have en masse.

yes, no, maybe?
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