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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
I'm 20 in a month been watching NBA since 95. Duncan may be better on offense but Bill Russell has 11 championships. A good defensive center is more important. You don't know how good Oden will be come next year. He is going to go through NBA conditioning and have both hands good to go. Why would the Blazers want Time Duncan when they can have to great prospects playing side by side in Aldridge and Oden?
God damnit, kid. I'm not arguing against your choice of not wanting to trade Oden. But you're too stupid to see that.

Is Tim Duncan not a good defensive center? Name one center in the NBA who plays better defense than Tim Duncan. Name one center who is better offensively.

Bill Russell wouldn't have won 11 championships if played today, either. It hurts me to even have to explain this to someone.

Do you see know how what you are saying is just plain dumb?
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