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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Yes I would trade for Duncan, because the Spurs get the pick and probably fillers, so u have a lot of players to trade and make offers to other teams. With the amount of talent the Spurs have, they can get good players to complement Oden in Pop's system. The Spurs get young, they could trade Ginobili and Elson when their value is high, for some up and coming swings and bigs, keep Parker and in 2-3 years the Spurs are contenders again. The other good teams like Dallas, Phoenix, Rockets slow down. Teams like Jazz, Sonics, Golden State, Denver become contenders but the Spurs also continue their winning ways and don't fall like the other contenders of the past.

Blazers also get to have some players that can make an impact now, possibly win a championship in the next 2-3 years. They could draw free agents to play alongside Tim Duncan, and if the Blazers have a line up of Jack, Roy, Aldridge, Randolph and Duncan, they become instant contenders, and the young guys get the playoff experience that will make them strong for the future, with Duncan taking Aldridge under his wing.
There's many possibilities.
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