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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
remember you said that 2 years from now when he becomes a perennial all-star.

over Okafor? Well, he's bigger, taller and just as smart and hard working. This guy is a taller, stronger Dwight Howard. He is a legit Center...not just a PF playing center (Okafor).

If Sports Illustrated is credited with creating the hype on Tony Mandarich, and Chad Ford is credited with jump starting the Darko Milicic hype machine, who will get credit for Oden-mania?

Okafor is 6'11" 255 lbs and Howard is 6'11" 260 lbs. Oden is 7' 257 lbs so he hardly qualifies as bigger and stronger. "Just as smart and hard working" is surely up for debate considering you know little to nothing about Greg Oden's work ethic.

I do know Emeka Okafor has a long history showing his work ethic. Enrolled in school early at UConn, graduated in 3 years, played through a sprained ankle when he got the chance to play for Team USA in Greece, and has worked with Hakeem Olajuwon during the off-season on his game.

What exactly can you point to with Oden??? While you are at it, explain what makes Oden a legit C and Okafor a PF masquerading as one?
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