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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Oden should be a good player but he is overhyped. He isnt this once in a lifetime talent or I havent seen it. He should be a very good player but right now he is one of the worst players to get picked first. He is being hyped because he is the first decent big man prospect since Duncan. I think he will do fine, but he is being overrated a lot. He is rawer than Okafor was, has the same problems and strengths.

The real question though is that it is Tim Duncan we are discussing in the trade. If you can get the best player in the NBA for a guy with potential you should do it every time. Oden could just as easily be Darko as he will be Robinson. He is far more likely to be Okafor level though, Mutombo would be a good result. I mean if you consider that, is he really a guy you would pass on Duncan for. This guy isn't a Shaq, Robinson, Ewing or Hakeem type where you can be almost certain he will dominate. This is Darko, Dwight, Okafor, KG or Bogut style where you hope for the best but aren't certain of anything.

I personally have seen at least 6 better prospects since I have been watching basketball and a couple of other guys that are on the at least the same level and I've seen enough of a couple of others that were before my time to know they also were better prospects(Coleman, Ewing, Hakeem and Daugherty). Guys like LJ, Mutombo and Payton were certainly comparable as well.
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