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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Originally Posted by WoGiTaLiA1
Magic's 3-4 years with Shaq >>> The 10 years since.

Miami's 3-4 years with Shaq>>> The rest of their history.

It would be a tough trade to make but Duncan is the one guy in the NBA that gives you a legit shot at a title. I think that makes you do the deal. You never know what will happen in the future so take the now while you can.

I mean there have been much better prospects than Oden that have failed miserably or not won their team a title. Guys like Ewing, Bias and Coleman all come to mind. Hell Mutombo never won his team a title and if Oden is that good in 4 years time then Portland should be very happy.

Oden is an excellent prospect. Duncan is a great player.
they did not replace shaq with a dominant big man for the rest of the 10 years. AND we are talking about replacing an OLD shaq not a young shaq. its called getting maximum value out of a player to save the competivness of a team for years to come
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