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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Originally Posted by West-Side
Duncan could NOT beat an elite team ONCE to his 3 championships...he got smoked by LA every year in those dynasty years.

Hakeem had to face Boston, Show-Time Lakers, Bulls, Utah, know REAL competition, your arrogant ass is like a router, keeps telling us the same sh*t over and over again.

Smush Parker was the MAN on the streets, he was a legend on street courts, he beat everyone on there...does that make him better then someone like Tony Parker?

Point is, Hakeem played in a tougher era...won 2 titles, put up similar numbers...he might not have AS many accomplishments as Duncan but at least the one he has were very TOUGH to achieve, unlike Duncan. I'd rather fight a pitbull and get some licks...then fight a pug and get more licks.

Hakeem > Duncan, if you actually watched Hakeem play back in the day, you'd know why Hakeem is better.
Still missing the point.......

This is funny.

Will someone explain to him what I meant by "rarefied air" when I mentioned Jordan, Shaq, and Duncan (omitting LeBron since I already admitted I was getting ahead of myself)?
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