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Default Re: Would you trade Greg Oden for Tim Duncan?

Originally Posted by West-Side
You named Jordan, Duncan, LeBron and Shaq as the most "unstoppable" forces since 85'...what does that have to do with championships?

Especially since LeBron is yet to win ONE...just give up, you got exposed on this thread...and BTW, if you were 3 years old in 86', you shouldn't be calling me a kid, hence I'm older then you.
Dumbass, read this.

I am being a bit presumptuous by putting LeBron in that so fast

And you also have a selective memory. You keep b!tching about my inclusion of LeBron James despite the fact that I already admitted that it was presumptuous on my part.

Will someone explain to him what I meant by "rarefied air" when I mentioned Jordan, Shaq, and Duncan (omitting LeBron since I already admitted I was getting ahead of myself)?

How many more times do you want me to admit that I shouldn't have included LeBron James? want to keep using that as an argument against me so you won't make light of the fact that I have repeatedly said I shouldn't have included Mr. James.
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