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Anyone reading May's Blog from Orlando on the official site? This is unintentionally hilarious to me:

"The story of the game though had to be Adam (Morrison). He had 25 points in the first half that was pretty impressive. The kid was just played extremely well and the basket had to look huge in his eyes. Once you get on a hot streak like that, things open up so much. Everybody knows the kid can score and he did a good job proving it tonight. Adding him to this team is going to make things a lot more interesting with our post game, because we got guys who can handle one-on-one defense in the post. We just need more shooters and more scorers to open things up, and I think adding Adam will make things a lot easier for us inside."

Morrison is THREE MONTHS younger than May (and less than one month yojnger than Felton). I can hear May lecturing Morrison:

"Yeah May and June of 1984 were watershed times, kid. I'm sorry you weren't alive to witness the turbulence that shaped me, kid. I think Ghostbusters came out during the interim between my birth and yours, kid."

Ok yeah--May is technically a sophomore in the league, but he got limited burn in like 20 games and then sat on the bench the rest of the season. It's not like he's some weathered old graybeard. Maybe he just wants to pull some rank--Morrison getting all this hype and May being somewhat forgotten after missing most of last season.
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