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Default Greg Buckner to the Mavs

Adding more defense and a 3pt shot to the team.

The Nuggets have an all-points bulletin out for 3-point shooters. Their search got a little harder early this morning when their free agent guard, Greg Buckner, agreed to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. Buckner will receive at least three years guaranteed, with the two sides working on details for two more years. "I'm happy," Buckner said today. "It was my first choice to go to Dallas. It's crazy it worked out." Denver Post

But with the Nuggets having committed approximately $140 million to Carmelo Anthony and Nene this summer, Buckner said he and his agent agreed that his return would be a longshot. "My time in Denver was great. It got me out of a bad situation with Philly," he said. "They wanted to take care of their young kids. I thought it was going to work out that way. You have to take care of Melo and Nene. There wasn't much money left." Denver Post
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