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I knew Portland was going down hill after firing Dunleavy. He was a good coach who controlled many egos. Look what he's doing in LA! They fired him for Mo Cheeks! Sure he's a nice guy and was a solid player, but he's done nothing as a coach. The same thing happened to Jim O'Brien in Philly. Iverson had the best all around year in his career under O'Brien and the team was playing under a structured system. Back to Portland, they are about three years away, but have a nice, young nucleus to build around. They had a great draft in filling a void underneath with Aldridge and snatching the best player in the draft (my opinion), Brandon Roy who will win R.O.Y. and is an all-around player. He is also the future star of this franchise. They also can give the keys to Jack at point, who is already better than Telfair. Webster will be their sharp shooter and Outlaw should get an abundance of playing time as the sixth man. They also re-signed Pryzbilla who plays hard every night and is a shot blocker. Blake and Dixon should be kept to come off the bench as well. They need to get rid of Miles and then Randolph as soon as possible. Their lineup should be Webster, Randolph (until traded), Pryzbilla, Jack,and Roy. Off the bench should be Dixon, Outlaw, Aldridge, and Blake as rotation players. In a few years this team could be dangerous, ecspecially if they land the first pick next year.
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