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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
How does this guy have more "upside?" No one knows a thing about him and he won't consent to working out against other players. There is nothing anyone has said about Yi Jianlian that has not been said about Nikolov Skitishvili. With so little data to go on I don't see how people can seriously predict anything about this guy.

One thing that will help his draft stock is that he is very confident in himself, is sociable and is a hard worker.

Many times a scout will worry about a "potential" player from a different country because they can lose confidence quickly and never push themselves to be better or they can be a Chariev type and think the world is theirs without ever doing ****.

Jianlian is very confident, is "Americanized' in a sense and for a lack of a better term and knows he has to work very hard to tap into his potential. You can't groom these kinds of things into a player.

That's why Bargnani will be great too. He "knows" he'll be great and puts in the work to make it a reality. He's not a very social person, but isn't afraid of the attention either.
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