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Default Re: ISH NBA 2k7 Draft League(XBOX 360)

Originally Posted by RagingBull33
Go play NBA live.
NBA 2k7 was meant to be a sim game, where you balance driving and shooting, use plays, etc. Not using the hopstep+dunk="real" basketball .
When I play, my usual possesion on offense is:
-bring up ball
-pass to low post if i have a legit option
-pass out or use a post move
-create with star player WITHOUT using the Y button
The game is meant to be like real basketball.
First, you're an imbecile. Players in real life can easily do most of what is in the game. But they can't because the defense prevents them from doing so. I'm guessing you don't know how to play defense in 2K7? Imbecile.
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