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he comes up with a lot steals

Because he reaches too much. Lots of steals doesn't necessarily equal good defense.

And he blows ass in close games. The Clippers had some stupid amount of losses in 04-05 within 3-4 points (I could look it up, but I can't be bothered. I know it was heaps.) Why? Because Marko, the starting PG, didn't make good plays in clutch situations.

He's like A-Rod, but heaps, heaps worse - he doesn't even dominate in the first half of games. He's average for the first 90% and absolutely atrocious for the last 10.

I hated that trade when it happened and I extra-hate it now. Someone needs to kneecap McHale with a crowbar. (Except replace "kneecap" with "shoot" and "with a crowbar" with "in the head. Repeatedly.")

Poor KG.

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