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Umm.. no. We beat you when those guys were playing, we beat you when they aren't. We just plain own you at the moment. (Last time you got us was when Phil Smyth picked the entire 36ers roster. That was 4 years ago, I believe.) Keep trying, though.

And Ed Book.. are you serious? You miss Ed Book? All 6'8" of him? Anstey and Bogut would've dominated his old, crusty ass. I'll give you Marks, but we don't have CJ, Neilsen or Schensher (all ex or current NBAers), so we'll call it "even."

I agree that Ed wouldn't have made much difference, his too old now to play the NZ style of play. I do think though if Marks was playing we could have had alot more points in the paint, we didn't really have anyone to go to inside. Rampton had a pretty awful game.
In saying that though the aussies were missing some top players as mentioned, im glad CJ wasn't playing he usually does pretty well against us.
Seems like Pero always comes up big late in the stretch, but can never finish it off.

I thought we would have been beaten alot more then that, so im happy with losing in overtime.

On a sidenote, I thought Bogut was looking quite sharp, I like his attitude, he doesn't seem to have too much of a big head like some of the other NBA players playing for their country. I think we would have been in alot more trouble if he was more aggressive on offence.
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