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Default Re: Who would you take with the #3 pick?

Originally Posted by wang4three
Um. I never said that Camby was faster than him now. Ofcourse Brandan has better speed cause Camby's had more injuries than anyone in the league. Guy is called the "glassman" not for his rebounding but because he's fragile. So after all his surgeries you really expect him to be as fast as he once was? You were 7 when Camby first entered the league so you probably didn't notice how good he was in college. He was pretty damn impressive and he still is today. I don't know whats in you people to think that being the next Camby is a bad thing. It's not. Ok, so Marcus isn't thought of as KG or Bosh, but honest to God, I mean, you got to be realistic. Not every top 5 pick is going to end up being a superstar. But being a potential all-star and defensive player of the year candidate every year? That's a hell of a career in my opinion. I understand we set lofty expectations for people, but at the end of the day you really gotta know where to pick them. Maybe Brandan ends up being the next Bosh or KG, fine I'm wrong. But in my opinion the chances are really stacked against him, and it's better to pick a player that he can exceed than a player he will never reach. Marcus Camby is a damn good player. I don't know what type of luxury you guys' teams have to think that Marcus isn't a special player.

I call them like I see them. I got slammed for saying that Julian Wright can be the next T-Mac too, but I still stand by that statement. I watch as much college basketball as anyone here, and hippos, game, illinifan, king can attest to that.

Alright, dude I apolgize. Once again. You're right, I was 7 when he came into the league, so I would know what he played like then, I just thought you were comparing him to now.

Bosh was the 4th pick in one of the deepest drafts of all time. Who was saying he couldn't play in the NBA? You? No one was saying that. Being skinny was a negative point for him, but I doubt anyone said that he wouldn't make it in the league when everyone projected him to go no lower than top 5. So, you might want to try again.

Ah, let me clear this up. I didn't mean he couldn't PLAY in the league. I meant he could 'play' in the league, like he would never be as great as a player he is already. I remember one of the guys when his name was announced sounding pretty disappointed and saying there were much better options then him at the 4th pick (Mind you, this could've been the guy that said Darko would be great) But he proved people long. They said he would get totally dominated on in the NBA game, but that just isn't the case right now.
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