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Default Re: Al Horford Moving Up To 3rd Pick

I'm not enthralled with Brewer. His handle is plain bad. And while he's a good athlete, his poor handle keeps him from getting into the lane and doing anything with it. His jumper is good, but streaky. And one of his strengths, his defense, may become a liability, because he's not quite quick enough to defend SGs, and his strength will be a factor defending SFs.

Horford's biggest issue entering the draft was concerns about his height. But he measured a legit 6-9. He's already refined in the post, probably the most out of anyone in this draft. He's got a PF body right now, good hands, good rebounder. He's well schooled defensively, and plays a pretty well rounded team game on offense, as do most of the Gators. He may not have the upside that some other guys have, but his upside is good enough when combined with what seems like a lot less risk. He can walk in next year and be what PJ Brown was a few years back. He can get to where a guy like Horace Grant was with a little improvement. And if everything works out, he can be a go to post scorer. He's a much better prospect then Brandan Wright in my view, who was considered a lock at three just a couple months ago.
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