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Originally Posted by ReturnOfJimi
Yeah, Ced.. it's E.

...and it was Magnum PI... I'm learning the Fletch theme right now (not "Bit by Bit"... the other one by the Beverly Hills Cop guy...uh... his name... was... Faltermeyer)

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Bucks should trade Magloire and Gadz to the Spurs for..

Fabio Bear Toe
Whatever future picks or foreign player rights necessary

there's yer deal

C - Magz/Gadz
PF - Duncan/Horry
SF - Bowen/EWill
SG - Ginobili/ Finley
PG - Parker/Vaughn


C - Bogut/BearToe
PF - Villanueva/JSmith/Boner
SF - Simmons/Ilyasova/Noel
SG - Redd/Barry
PG - MoWill/Bell/Udrih

This is if the Bucks can't do Magloire for Harrington s+t style with ATL.

If I were a team with capspace that didn't need an SF/PF... I'd STILL sign Al Harrington. Kid is the BOMB.

So basically you're saying that Milwaukee should trade Magloire for a bunch of the spurs crap?
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