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Default Re: Al Horford Moving Up To 3rd Pick

Horford will not be better than Wright, KG2, however he's definately a safe pick. And I think he'd be good for Memphis or Boston. However I think the Hawks DO need to get either him or Wright (the correct pick), and hope that Conley is still there at 11. Or hope simply take Crittenton or Law.

Because whether or not they drafted a big last year, that big sucks. And They are not going to get one better than Wright or Horford at 11, and its still a need. But I think they have a strong case at getting Conley at 11, and will definately get one of the other pg prospects. While Im surprised Boston or Memphis isn't going after Conley as they could use pgs (especially Boston IMO), but only teams I see taking him after that are Minnie which is seeming more and more unlikely. Possibly Sac trying to replace Bibby. Regardless I think Atlanta will have a strong chance at getting him.
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