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Originally Posted by BradMiller52
So basically you're saying that Milwaukee should trade Magloire for a bunch of the spurs crap?

I like it. Because one of those crap foreign players can be Scola. The Bucks would be more than happy to buy him out.

But I'd rather trade Smith and Magloire, and keep Gadzuric.

CT: Bogut/ Gadzuric/ Oberta
PF: Villaneuva/ Scola
SF: Simmons/ Ilyasova/Noel
SG: Redd/ Barry
PG: Williams/ Bell/ Udrih

CT: Magloire/ Smith/ Marks ;)
PF: Duncan/ Horry
SF: Bowen/ Williams
SG: Ginobili/ Finley
PG: Parker/ Vaughn
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