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Default Re: The Portland Trailblazers Will Select Kevin Durant In The NBA Draft

Outlaw started to come out a bit and play much better towards the end of the season, and Udoka is a solid player, and they have D Miles on the team for a few years, he was just hurt, Udoka and Outlaw are FA's, but both should be cheap if they decide 2 sign 1, they would still be fine at the SF position ,you don't need a great player at every position on the floor, they have 2 solid PGs, even though I think they get rid of Jack. They have a very good SG in Roy, they have Randolph and Aldridge. They are actually fine as they are, and in this case they draft the best player.

Oden, you build around big men, they could find a Durant type player this year or next year or the year after that, Big men like this come once every so many years.

draft Oden, everyone knows that should be the pick, except for a small few, who must not have much BBall knowledge.
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