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Default Re: The Portland Trailblazers Will Select Kevin Durant In The NBA Draft

Originally Posted by Cavs2007Champs
. They are actually fine as they are, and in this case they draft the best player.

I like what you had to say for the most part. Although I don't really see where Portland can do wrong. Either player will bring the fans back, either player will be a shot in the arm. Oden is the big we need, Durant is the scorer we need. Both will help eliminate double teams... the pluses are extaorinary no matter which you have on your team.

I personally like Oden, I think his defense 'along with Aldridge' will shut down the lane. The game will speed up in transition as our players will release knowing once someone enters the lane the ball will exchange hands.

I really feel KP is onto something with this mathmatical thing he's put together with the help of MIT, he's a smart guy who makes great decisions. No matter what he does I feel it will be a good choice. To tell you the truth I'm more excited about the rest of the draft outside of the first overall pick, thats how in the bag I feel that decision will be for the team. What will make or break Portlands future is what they do with Randolph, what they do in any effort to pick up a second lottery pick, and how such players as Sergio and Joel Freeland pan out in years to come.

I do want to point out how a lot of people around the league are now saying that Oden is going to have medical problems, from his knees to his Wrist, to you name it... Yet when any other team was looking at Oden with the possible #1 pick he was the next Bill Russell. It's just funny how things work out. Portland will be fine, they will draft the best possible player... as much as I want that to be Oden, I don't know if having Durrant would be all that bad.
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