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Originally Posted by Legend
Francisco Elson is a 7-foot center who averaged 4.9 points and 4.7 rebounds in 72 games with Denver last season. Elson, however, is a restricted free agent and the Nuggets likely would match a salary offer from another team that did not go past $2.5 million per year.

We need a backup center.

we already got Zydrunas and Anderson

I like Z, but he is too slow to run the court. He is better suited for the half court game. We have had Battie and Henderson as backups, but they are average at best. We need to develop someone with better skills and Elson has some time under his belt, so it will be a quicker development.

Anderson is a good Power Forward, but not physically strong enough yet to go against the elite bigs for more than partial and limited minutes.

Remember, some players can play with tremendous energy for limited minutes, but this does not translate to double production with more playing time.

Martynus is still too skinny to provide many minutes. I wish they would force him to eat and get him some time in some development league. Last year seemed like a complete loss, though he has shown some promise in some of the summer league games.

Elson is a young center who is developing fast. Can rebound, is very fast can run the court and can hit the shot inside. For 2.5 mil, he is a great steal.

This still leaves open the 5.25 MLE.
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