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Default Re: OT: Just played a great NBA 2K7 game

Originally Posted by thenextgreatbigman
It would probably be different if it was possible to score with big men in this game.
That's what i hate about playing it, i give the ball to duncan, he's wide open, 2 feet away from the basket and clanks the shot off the back of the rim.
I don't get that too much but it does happen to me a few times, I get big guys missings dunks sometimes it's ridiculous. But what I have noticed is that when you simulate a game, whether your big man is the best in the game and has the highest tendencies he will stil be one of the lowest scorers on the team. But guys like Damon Stoudamire end up getting 20 points a game, how the hell does that happen he can't even hit wide open 3's.

Another big problem is lack of low post moves. It's always the same move the guy does, it gets quite annoying and boring to watch and play.
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