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Default Kobe Video guy was on AM Ticket760

The guy, sean, said that him and his friends ran into kobe two different times. the first time they were talking to kobe for 15 minutes and all of sudden one kid busts out a camera and starts recording.

he said on the video, kobe looks directly into the camera on different occasions so he knew the camera was on.

he also said the reports that they went to the lakers and asked for money to keep quiet is false. their initial purpose all along was to give the video to the public and let everyone see it.

he said the first time they saw him, they asked him about the lakers and he went off for 15 minutes, about bynum, other laker players, mitch kupchak, and buss. (the question here, is why would kobe talk to a bunch of kids about what he is going to do, let alone say it to a camera)

the second time they ran into him, kobe didnt remember the guys from before so they asked him again if he was going to stay with the lakers, and kobe told the guy, and i quote, "buy a bulls jersey fella, ill be in chi-town."

now the question is why would kobe talk to a bunch of kids? especially when they have a camera in his face?

the hosts questioned this guys story because it had alot of holes in it. they were also questioning the authenticity of the video.

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